Версия для слабовидящих
Perm State Agro-Technological University

Language of education

The students’ family of the University is multinational: Russians, Tatars, Bashkirs, Komi-Permiakis, Udmurts, Tadjiks, Moroccans, Sudanese, Azerbaijanis, Armenians, Ukrainians, Iranians, Uzbeks, Kazakhs… All the nationalities are united by the official language of the Russian Federation and the  language of the educational process - the Russian language.

Here are some links where you can study Russian free of charge:

The University also provides face-to-face preparatory courses of Russian upon request.

If you are interested in study at the University, in fruitful collaboration with our scholars or administrators, please do not hesitate to address the International Relations Center. It will be our pleasure helping you to connect with the required person, providing you with required information on enrolment, education, research, visas, social life and so forth: irc.psaa@gmail.com

Welcome to the Perm State Agro-Technological University.


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